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Parenting Courses


The ‘Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce’
course will enable parents to parent effectively through and after Separation / Divorce.

It assists parents in shifting their relationship to a co-parent relationship while exploring obstacles that prevent co-parenting.

Divorce/Separation brings change to all members of the family. The more parents know about divorce, the better they are able to cope with the changes and help their children adjust.

 Course Content:

Helping your children cope with divorce



  • Divorce and its impact on the Family
  • The challenge of Change
  • Emotional Stages of Divorce

How children experience divorce

  • How children experience Separation/Divorce
  • Learn how to recognize and help your child deal with the feelings and issues common to divorce
  • Understand how children at different ages respond to separation or divorce
  • What parents can do to prevent their children from getting caught in the middle


  • What we model for our children through our communication/relationships/conflict management
  • Understanding how we are ‘in Relationship’
  • How the Attachment Bond Shapes Adult Relationships


  • Communicating from the inside out
  • Understanding our own communication styles and how we interact with others.
  • Develop constructive communication skills with the emphasis on reducing conflict
  • Building a new relationship – that of co-parents

Conflict resolution skills

  • Managing and resolving conflict in a positive way
  • The fundamentals of conflict resolution
  • Recognizing and resolving conflicting needs
  • Managing and resolving conflict by learning how to listen

Moving forward

  • Parenting Plans
  • New Relationships

Separation Support

If your family is experiencing separation or divorce and you would like to get support through the situation.

Please contact Frances